Base Camp Hiking

Designed for folks that enjoy comfort while exploring magnificent terrain


Welcome to a relaxed pace of hill walking and alpine hiking. Observe wildlife from a high perch or an unexpected encounter. Designed for learning while exploring.

It’s pure Alaska and it is wild!

  • comfortable tent camps, clean/warm/dry
  • airplane access only, pure wilderness
  • minimum impact/maximum fun
  • excellent choice for families, friends or solo’s

COST: $1450 per person (includes all flights into and out of the mountains)
DATES: July and August (custom dates available)
GROUP: Maximum 6. We offer the best guide/hiker ration in the industry
DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate, depending on where you want to go
For group rates or custom dates:
Call/Text: 907-350-4455

Live! Learn! Laugh! Love! Hike!


Three Day Itinerary

Every wilderness trip starts off with an orientation program at our home and base of operations in Talkeetna. We reserve two hours to fully prepare each and every guest for the adventure they are about to embark upon. After an orientation at our home in Talkeetna we will fly out to one of our destination lakes in the Talkeetna Mountains and set up a base camp with tents and cooking shelter. Your guide will lead you off to a nearby glassing point where you will survey the surrounding countryside in search for Bears, Wolves, Caribou and other species that inhabit the alpine zones. You’ll witness a long and splendid sunset before heading back to a warm meal and excited discussions of the days discoveries.

Day 2 & 3: Exploring ! Energizing!

The following mornings, after a hearty breakfast, you’ll take off from camp, selecting a different direction to explore each day. Everyone will carry a daypack with camera, water bottle, snacks and extra clothing inside. The alpine habitat is chalk full of wonderful surprises including 50+ specie of beautiful wildflowers, twenty different nesting migratory birds, all the indigenous mammals and some of the most spectacular scenery in North America.

There is no pressure or agenda other than that set by you. If you want to scramble up a mountain ridge for a better view of Denali or you want to photograph wildlife or wildflowers, your guide will accommodate you in every way.

It is our highest priority that you return to Talkeetna fully refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling magnificent about your sojourn in the mountains.




Denali Trekking Company provides the following services for every trip we offer:

  • Outstanding meals including nutritious snacks and hot drinks
    • Savory, delicious foods designed to support a hard working body
    • Special dietary considerations are given to each individual guest
    • Cook tent, all kitchenware, stoves and fuel, meeting the highest standards
  • All flights into and out of the mountains
  • Experienced, professional, Alaskan guides lead every trip we offer
  • Our trips are developed and designed from over 40 years of Alaskan wilderness hiking

Outcomes and Take-aways from your
Denali Trekking Experience

We hope you join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Reservation Request

Choose from the following trips, and we will be in contact regarding details.
  • Base Camp Hiking

  • Please select your preference. Custom dates are available. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Cross Country Trekking

  • Seven day backpack traverse of mountain shoulders and high alpine passes. Incredible wildlife! Magnificent Views! Please select your preference. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Five day romp of mountain hiking Pure wilderness jaw-dropping terrain Challenging and Rewarding Please select your preference. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Five days backpacking glacial carved valleys Where few humans have wandered Unspoiled wilderness, flourishing wildlife, the essence of Alaskan adventure! Please select your preference. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Wild Things

  • Ridge landing fifteen hundred feet above the mighty Susitna River. Overland, overnight and over the top fun! PackRaft finish with a “beer-thirty” airdrop. Strong hikers wanted! Summer Solstice 2021 June 18, 19 & 20
  • Three Day Rodeo! Helicopter out/floatplane back. Base Camp set up with superb hill biking in every direction. Share the high alpine plateau with caribou and grizzly. Game trail runs, scree jumps and tussock bumps The alpine has it all!
  • Floatplane in to pure alpine wilderness, home to grizzly bears, caribou and wolf Some of the most pristine fishing waters in the world! Hike and fish in lakes and streams where few have cast a fly Incredible adventure with rod and camera. Custom Dates * Group Rates available. Contact us directly
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