What You Get From your Denali Trekking Experience

From start to finish you will be treated as a valued guest by DTC staff. Our team is knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and eager to make your trip sensational. Every question and every concern is treated with professionalism. Our prompt, informative replies show our gratitude and appreciation for your business. Every guest, following our guidelines, will be fully prepared for the undertaking chosen.

Denali Trekking Company; this is what we deliver:

Development of Key Skills for Wilderness Travel

  • Training your body to prepare for hiking in Alaska
  • Understanding food needs for a working body
  • Understanding clothing needs in the mountains
  • Learn what goes in your pack and how it goes in 
  • Proficiency and confidence in setting up camp
  • Building a kitchen using terrain advantage
  • Industry leading No Trace Camping practices
  • Proper disposal for all forms of waste


  • Time and energy saving techniques for traversing wilderness
  • Understanding mountain weather, recognizing indicators of change
  • Staying warm and dry above timberline
  • Wind, rain, dense fog, wildfire smoke, earthquakes; protecting yourself in extremes.


  • Team player skills development
  • Leadership. Position and responsibilityI

Sharpened skills locating wildlife; spatial awareness

  • Finding the right perch
  • Where to look, the Art of Patience
  • Wildlife: signs and signatures
  • Alpine migratory bird ID; nests, eggs & feathers
  • Flora identification, emphasis on wildflowers
  • Amplify skills you already have!


  • Macro, to panorama, all day, every day
  • Sub-arctic light, composing, framing, shooting
  • Special effects and creating perfect images
  • Maintenance must-do’s
  • Abundant opportunity for dramatic photos!


  • Behavior in and around aircraft, your lifeline to civilization
  • Avoiding wildlife encounters
  • Recognizing potable water
  • Care for your feet, joints and back, identifying “hot spots”, avoiding problems and hazards
  • Efficiency in use of emergency communication devices, ground-to-air radio and satellite phone



No other adventure company IN THE WORLD offers this service!!!!!!!

As the owner of a small business I know how important it is to provide something unique and special for my guests; something above and beyond, something that shows commitment to their success, with a hug. If you throw in, or out, a delicious treat; you’ve hit a Home Run, Babe Ruth. You have also separated yourself from the competition and created a class of your own!

Midway through your wilderness adventure, early in the morning, the feint drone of a small airplane will be heard intruding on the silent soundscape. This welcome visitor is right on time and delivering warm cinnamon rolls, fresh baked from the Roadhouse ovens in Talkeetna……or he bakes his own!

Billy developed and perfected this courtesy while flying backcountry hikers and adventurers in the 80’s. There was little in the way of communication once you were “wild”. Progress checks were an important safety feature and a wonderful reconnection with the outside world. Today, we have a multitude of options for communication, but, this extraordinary personal touch, an airdrop to every camp, is unprecedented in the modern world of wilderness adventures. 

Whether you receive fresh baked cinnamon rolls or home-made wild blueberry brownies, every guest is delighted with this extra special gift! 

I see a hundred smiles from my cockpit every summer!

From trip planning to route planning and execution, our priority is for you to gain or improve skills and confidence in relying on yourself; no matter where your wandering may take you. 

Our team at Denali Trekking Company is a well-oiled machine.

We make great adventures and great memories!

The biggest benefit you get from Denali Trekking Company is a dozen new friends!

Book with confidence, book with the best.


Reservation Request

Choose from the following trips, and we will be in contact regarding details.
  • Base Camp Hiking

  • Please select your preference. Custom dates are available. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Cross Country Trekking

  • Seven day backpack traverse of mountain shoulders and high alpine passes. Incredible wildlife! Magnificent Views! Please select your preference. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Five day romp of mountain hiking Pure wilderness jaw-dropping terrain Challenging and Rewarding Please select your preference. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Five days backpacking glacial carved valleys Where few humans have wandered Unspoiled wilderness, flourishing wildlife, the essence of Alaskan adventure! Please select your preference. We will contact you regarding details.
  • Wild Things

  • Ridge landing fifteen hundred feet above the mighty Susitna River. Overland, overnight and over the top fun! PackRaft finish with a “beer-thirty” airdrop. Strong hikers wanted! Summer Solstice 2021 June 18, 19 & 20
  • Three Day Rodeo! Helicopter out/floatplane back. Base Camp set up with superb hill biking in every direction. Share the high alpine plateau with caribou and grizzly. Game trail runs, scree jumps and tussock bumps The alpine has it all!
  • Floatplane in to pure alpine wilderness, home to grizzly bears, caribou and wolf Some of the most pristine fishing waters in the world! Hike and fish in lakes and streams where few have cast a fly Incredible adventure with rod and camera. Custom Dates * Group Rates available. Contact us directly
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